Full Spectrum CBD and Medicinal Cannabis Oil is possibly one of the greatest discoveries of modern times.


A global mainstream product for both people and their pets.


Grow operations in Colombia and The USA makes us a year-round source for biomass and Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Medicinal Cannabis Oil.


We have assembled a comprehensive, and experienced team to ensure our success.

Full Spectrum CBD

The emergence of CBD has taken the world by storm. Its growth is staggering, in fact, in 2018 the supply of biomass to make CBD, could not keep up with demand, and this trend is likely to continue for several years. The medical miracles surrounding this mysterious compound are shocking and unbelievable and have all the elements for it to be the next big thing in health and wellness.

CBD may just become one of the biggest products ever when you consider the implications it has for not only humans but also pets. The personal stories that I have experienced over the past 12 months are nothing short of astonishing, some are first-hand experience and others are people I have met that have witnessed miracles created by this new phenomenon.

Our Story

Biominerales Pharma SAS is positioning itself to be a meaningful player in providing Hemp Biomass, CBD Oil with and without THC and Full Spectrum CBD Oil. We have multiple grow operations located in close proximity to Cali, Colombia, which feature in-door and outdoor operations. Our production capacity will also be augmented by farm operations in the USA, currently in Colorado and other US States that are under development.

We have the trifecta of licenses in Colombia that allow us to grow, process and export CBD oil from Colombia to anywhere in the world where it’s permitted. Our dual country farming operations, plus a state-of-the-art GMP processing facility in Bogota (coming online in 2019) make Biominerales Pharma Corp. the perfect supplier/partner/distributor with year-round availability. We have assembled a powerful team with diverse backgrounds to help us scale and create a global production and distribution company.

Our Special Features

Colombian Projects

Biominerales Pharma has a wide range of operations throughout Colombia. In Corinto we have our base Cannabis farm that features both greenhouse and outside growing operations. With 15,000 sq.ft. of greenhouse and almost 2 million sq.ft. of growing outdoors in the worlds ultimate Cannabis climate, we can produce high volumes of organic Cannabis with High CBD Level and High THC Level.

In Tulua we have our base farm for growing industrial hemp for CBD with low THC. Our first phase is projected to yield 1.2-1.4 million pounds of Biomass per year. With the benefit of a large and affordable labor force in Colombia, this will be scaled up in 2020 and beyond as we become a low-cost provider to the US and other global markets.

In Mondomo, we are completing a lab where our Chief Agronomist will execute a process of DNA testing and growing In Vitro to create a super strain of seeds and plants. His expertise can ensure we grow the highest quality plants free of disease.

Our headquarters and lab are located in Bogota. Our lab is scheduled to be ready in 2019 and will be a state-of-the-art GMP facility. Additionally, we are exploring mobile labs to complement our Bogota facility.

In Colombia, we are also planning to open a series of clinics to act as treatment and dispensary distribution. This will be executed as an extension of our medical partner Carlos Rios, the owner of Santuario Clinic. Mr. Rios is also a member of our Advisory Board.

USA Projects

After a successful 2018 BETA farm we are looking to dramatically expand our footprint and services in 2019. We have set up premium farms in eastern Colorado that will also feature a variety of new methods to plant and harvest allowing us to expand dramatically in the future.

In addition to growing in Colorado, we will also we opening a lab featuring high volume extraction and distillation adhering to GMP standards.

Also in 2019, we will launch our own brand of finished products under the brand of USA Hempire Farms (website: www.hempirefarms.com). The first release will offer 4 tinctures; 250-1500 MG, pain cream and roll-on.

The expansion into extraction and retail goods will make Biominerales Pharma one of the few companies that offer seed to the shelf CBD products, this ensures we can maintain premium quality throughout the manufacturing life cycle.

A few stories to share

The owners of one of the largest companies that manufacture CBD oils and isolate got into the business when it cured his mother’s stage 4, inoperable cancer. The tumor was strangling her spine and went up into her brain stem. Diagnosed with only months to live she took CBD and the tumor vanished within months.
Story 1
The farmer on one our projects has a cousin that was suffering of late stage Parkinson’s. He couldn’t speak and sat slouched over all day, essentially just short of a vegetative state. He started taking the CBD oil and within a few months the disease, while not eradicated, was reversed by 20 years, he now has symptoms of early Parkinson’s.
Story 2
A close friends mother suffers from severe arthritis in both her hands. The pain is horrible, and she cannot open her hands some days. She takes multiple prescriptions that do little to help her get through the day. One day my friend heard about a CBD cream, when his mother applies it, her pain abates, and she can move her hands as she could many years ago.
Story 3
My son’s girlfriends dog had cancer in both eyes, it was so bad the poor animal could barely open its eyes and was told by the vet that she couldn’t help the dog and that the family should consider putting her down. My son brought her CBD oil and said please just try it before you make a final decision. She tried it, and the tumors in the dog’s eyes vanished within 60 days!
Story 4
My daughter has a French Bulldog that is like her child. Six months ago, the dog became very ill and was diagnosed with a disease that causes the liver to fail, so the poor dog was in very bad shape. The vet told my daughter there was no liver transplant for dogs, so they would try and give her some medicine to ease her ailments, but that eventually the dog would die. My son then brought the CBD oil to her and my daughter gave it to CoCo daily……today Coco is 100% healthy and no longer has any liver problems, needless to say the vet is stunned and had no words to explain what she saw, or I should say didn’t see, in the last checkup.
Story 5


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