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Project Description

Adriana Rios Garcia

CEO: Biominerales Pharma SAS
Board of Directors: Biominerales Pharma
Managing Director: Natures Pharma Consulting

Adriana brings decades of experience that includes C level management of a public company that operates in several countries and vast project planning and project management. Early in her career she oversaw a wide variety of objectives in a high growth companies that created and a multi patent rewards platform. She was involved in every aspect of the operations from start up to the sale, both entities were sold to public companies for over $40 Million USD (the last sale was to Deluxe Corp DLX on the NYSE, a $3.5 billion company).

After the last sale Adriana pooled her resources and established several operating businesses in Colombia and Canada. Since 2013 she held the position of CEO of Biominerales, a Biodiesel production company that currently produces 180 tons of biodiesel per month. Additionally, she holds the COO position, of AMR Ventures (AMR.V), a public company traded on the Canadian exchange. AMR Ventures, through its subsidiaries (AM Resources SAS and A & M Resources USA, LLC), operates Coal and Asphaltite mines and working towards a Coal to Fuel process using a revolutionary process/machine.

It should be noted that thanks to our achievements and the good management of our companies NQ Explorations, a company that is listed on the Canada Stock Exchange has acquired a percentage of A & M RESOURCES USA LLC, which demonstrates the commitment and success she has with her projects.