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Project Description

Mike Minstretta

Director Operations: Biominerales Pharma
Managing Director: Natures Pharma Consulting, LLC
Board of Directors: Biominerales Pharma SAS

Mike is our industry expert with vast experience in every aspect of the Cannabis and the CBD industry. After a very successful project in the healthcare industry, Mike ventured into the growing and cultivating of Cannabis. Once he learned the plant side of the business, Michael purchased 3 licenses in Denver Colorado and went thru the process of adding the last and most valuable license after the purchase. He now owns 4 state issued marijuana licenses which include a medical grow, medical dispensary, recreational grow and a recreational dispensary. He has also opened a recreational dispensary in Portland Oregon.

Being a savvy veteran of the Cannabis industry, Michael quickly realized the opportunity for CBD without THC was about to explode, as it’s the one version of the product that could actually be a global mainstream product. Earlier in 2018, he joined Biominerale Pharma, a Colombian CBD license holder, where he has a seat on their board of directors and also holds an executive role and ownership stake in Natures Pharma Consulting, LLC, a US company operating as a subsidiary of the Colombian company that is executing hemp growing operations in Colorado. Mike organized a complete team that includes the seeds/plants, farming, water, land prep and management, plus the mechanization of planting that reduced timeframes by 80%. His effort and knowledge have Natures Pharma Consulting positioned to be a major producer in 2018 and beyond.