About Us

"We designed Biominerales Pharma to become the premier seed to shelf multinational plant medicine provider, bringing hemp to help humanity!" -Adriana Shaw, Founder & CEO

Seed to Shelf Supply Chain Example

Who We Are

Biominerales Pharma was a dream forged from a strong family effort driven a heartfelt outreach to bring healthy choices to people across the Americas. What if our family could unite others beyond borders to develop premium hemp products through shared science, innovations and traditional farming culture and excellence? The Heartfelt Hemp Revolution was born.

The obsessive dedication to product quality and personalized customer care stems from CEO Adriana Shaw's deeply personal journey with hemp oil.  As a her mother Adriana began to suffer from a variety of sleep, stress and chronic pain issues and noticed that with each drug to solve one issue, new problems requiring more pills seemed to arise. Her search for natural solutions eventually lead her to hemp oil, but she was shocked that many of the products lacked the rigorous quality standards of pharma based products and were often combined with fillers, and junk ingredients that didn't make sense. Adrianna and her family then realized that with their health industry experience and family farming connections that could create the proverbial missing link in the global supply chain, creating the quality and standardization needed to transform the entire industry and bring high quality hemp to everyone!  Biominerales Pharma and our brand "Hempire Farms" was born from passion and industry expertise. We invite you to join our Hempire Revolution!

Adriana Shaw